About the RAPID project

The project's goals and methods


The RAPID project has worked to produce standards for the implementation of NIPD for fetal sex determination and single gene disorders. Testing for Down syndrome is not currently available through the NHS.

Our approach has included:

  • Development of laboratory standards for NIPD of fetal sex determination and single gene disorders.
  • A comprehensive and large-scale evaluation of methods reported for the NIPT of Down’s syndrome.
  • A detailed economic evaluation of the cost effectiveness of NIPD.
  • Studies to determine couples choices, preferences and needs should NIPD be introduced, and the impact this may have on health professional’s attitudes and pre-test counselling.
  • Development of educational material for families, healthcare professionals and the general public.
  • A detailed assessment of the wider social and ethical issues.
  • Analysis of health service needs and the development of resources for commissioners and providers to support appropriate implementation of the technology.

The National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre has undertaken work around developing professional competencies and  the education needs of healthcare professionals.