Free access to the Prenatal Diagnosis NIPT special issue

The June issue of Prenatal Diagnosis has provided us with an update on non-invasive prenatal testing using maternal plasma DNA. The aim of this special issue was to capture the main advances in the field and highlight the areas for future development. Professors Lyn Chitty and Diana Bianchi have edited this issue, drawing together the most significant recently published original articles, research letters and reviews.

We are pleased to be able to share a link to access the online version of this special issue free of charge, so please make the most of this opportunity to update yourself on the hot topics in this field.

We are delighted that one of our own publications features in this issue. The RAPID team’s review ‘The clinical implementation of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis for single-gene disorders: challenges and progress made’ describes the current applications and technical challenges that must be overcome before we can anticipate widespread implementation of NIPD for monogenic disorders.